A large majority of people indicate they do not want to burden family members if help getting around is needed.

Suggest listening to what several people shared, in these LifeHappens.org videos, about why they did not want to burden family. Points are made on why it was important to prepare for a change in health.

No one can say they won't "need help" so buying this special kind of health insurance means you'll have a solution if the unthinkable happens and:

  • Your family member won't face the significant emotional and physical issues and big costs, which comes when they become your full time care giver!
  • You can be in control and hire, using funds from your plan, the very expensive professionals.
  • Some of your financial nest egg will be protected.

Many say I don't think I'll need long term services! Why take action?

First - significant medical advances have occurred over the years. This means:

  • On the positive side people living longer will have more time to enjoy life.
  • On the other hand when living longer, even though in good health today, the chance for frailties and/or other changes in health goes way up.

Second - 60% to 70% of Americans 65 or older will need help at some time according to the American Society of Aging.

Many said the need for help was "unexpected". To avoid the unexpected ask yourself questions such as:

  • What would you like to happen?
  • Do you want to be in your home and maintain as much independence? Do you have a pile of money to pay for very expensive help?
  • Could a family member change what they now do to come help? Would your family help you pay for professionals?

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Isn't Long Term Care insurance expensive?

Not in comparison to paying professional help yourself!

  • No matter what your premium is it's just pennies on the dollar compared to all the funds needed to pay for help yourself.
  • Then too, the premium cost vs the big risk of needing help is much lower than the cost vs risk for insurance such as on your home or a car. It can be considered a bargain!

The premium for Long Term Care insurance will also provide you a special age based tax deduction.

Bottom line — Buying means you — will Not Burden Family — can Protect Savings — will Be in Control of the living situation you want.

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