A large majority of people indicate they do not want to burden family members if they need help getting around.

You can hear comments from several people , in this two minute video, on why they did not want to become a burden on family. The video, from Life Happens a non profit organization, is focused on increasing understanding of the value of insurance.

Individuals in these two other LifeHappens.com videos comment on how owning Long Term Care insurance means they will:

Are you interested in having the peace of mind knowing you can take care of family by not becoming a burden? If so it's important to buy what I like to call a "special kind of health insurance". Buying means you insured your income and savings nest egg and can pay for quality professional assistance.

Many people say their change in health was "unexpected".

No one can predict tomorrow thus an old saying - "Life is what happens when you are making other plans" emphasizes why it so important to prepare for an "unexpected" change in health. Ask yourself - if you have an "unexpected" change in health:

  • What would you like to happen?
  • Do you want to be at home? Do you have a pile of money to pay for this very expensive help?
  • Can someone in your family change what they now do to come help? Would your family help you pay for professional assistance?

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Isn't Long Term Care insurance expensive?

Not in comparison to paying directly for professional help!

  • No matter how much your plan costs the amount is just pennies compared to how much of your income & savings would have to be used if you were to pay directly for all the help you need.
  • Your cost vs the big risk of needing help is much lower than the cost vs risk of your home or car insurance.

The cost is also reduced some since Long Term Care insurance provides you a special age based tax deduction.

Helping Connecticut residents.

Surveys report insurance is confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming.

John's focus is to eliminate the confusion. Our conversation will be about the interests you have, "if" your health were to change, and steps to take action to implement your wishes.

Buying means you will Be in Control of the living situation you want and thus can Maintain Dignity — can care for loved ones by not becoming a Burden on them — and are insuring your Income & Savings.

In addition, we will also discuss:

» How buying provides the certainty of a known amount vs the uncertainty of unknown and significant expenses following a change in health.

» How sharing on going assistance expenses between what you pay and what your plan will pay can control plan cost!

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