The value (advantages) you gain by owning Long Term Care insurance include:

  • Not becoming a burden on your family. They will be free to hire and manage the professionals providing your assistance; to care about you; plus help as they can.
  • Children won't have to face the very emotional and difficult task of providing personal care for a parent!
  • Not worrying whether conflict, which often develops among siblings, will develop. Things such as their parents savings nest egg being spent for assistance vs retaining for the other's retirement, or to leave as a legacy.
  • Receiving professional assistance at home allows you to maintain as much independence as possible. This also means you can retain your dignity.

How does this special insurance I like to call

Key Family Protection© work?


How does this special kind of insurance work?

The plan creates a guaranteed pool of funds so you can hire professional help and be in control of when and where assistance will be received. The pool also functions as a wall around your savings.

Having a pool of money provides significant value. For example: A Single person age 55 selects a plan with a three year Benefit Period; an initial Benefit Amount of $7,000 a month; and adds the 5% compound inflation option. Looking to the future, e.g. say at age 82, the inflation protection has resulted in a Maximum Benefit pool of $940,831.

As soon as a life changing situation happens professional care giving counselors meet with the individual and family to review assistance options in the area; to develop a plan for the kind of help needed; and provide emotional support. They are independent from any service and support providers.

What determines the cost of this coverage? Your age on the date you apply, your health situation at that time, and the level of coverage in the benefits you select.

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What about government coverage?

Some people think MedicAID will be there to pay for on going assistance. However, the question becomes - will MedicAID funding, which is not guaranteed, continue at today's level? It may not because of significant state and federal over spending! A couple points:

  • Some think it will so they are planning to just apply for MedicAID if needed.
  • Many just don't want to find themselves in the kind of lifestyle, which comes with MedicAID.

Note: In Connecticut, because of very low MedicAID reimbursement rates, assistance is usually only available in certain nursing homes. More information on how government care works.

What does all this tell us?

No one can predict tomorrow thus the saying - "Life is what happens when you are making other plans" really emphasizes why owning this special kind of health insurance is so important.

A couple points about the plan's premium:

  • What ever might be paid over time amounts to just pennies on the dollar in comparison to the significant funds you would have to come up with to pay for help yourself.
  • It is lower than the premium cost vs risk of the other kinds of insurance we have!

Bottom line - Buying "long term health insurance", is the most economical way to avoid paying yourself for expensive on going assistance.

An important but little understood value - owning insurance has a positive affect on taxes!

Funds received from insurance are tax free! On the other hand taxes will be due on each dollar withdraw from investments to pay long term services! The IRS allows a person who purchased a tax qualified Long Term Care insurance plan to take an age based partial deduction when they complete their IRS 1040. Here are the allowable amounts and other details.

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